Mouse Guard

Find out whether the grain peddler is a traitor

The mice gathered in Lockhaven to receive orders from the Guard's matriarch, Gwendolyn. They are to find evidence of the grain peddlers allegence. Xx successfully scouts the area and find the peddler, Dave. The mice interrogate Dave but he gives nothing away so they instead distract him with conversation. While distracted, Maximus, a mouse more in common with a scientist than a Gladiator, screws his weapon into Dave's cart. Dave continues on his journey to Barkstone but doesn't realise he's leaving a trail for the party to follow. A mist descends over the mice as they journey further into the forest to track Dave down, preventing them from seeing ahead. Upon finding the cart, it had been abandoned. Unfortunately for the mice Dave had led them into the territory of a snake, who wants to drive them away from its eggs. The mice turn over the cart and use it as protection until the snake eventually gets bored with their cowering and returns to protect her young. They search the cart and find a map of Lockhaven. Upon closer inspection Squeak discovers that the map had some notes scribbled onto it, showing a weakness in Lockhaven's defences. This was not the evidence the mice were hoping to find but it was helpful nonetheless. They return to Lockhaven to inform Gwendolyn of their discovery but find that Dave had set a trap on the road back and with the assistance of a weasel blocked the way back. Squeak and Maximus decide to decimate the weasel, firing volleys of arrows at it without even questioning why it was there. It never stood a chance and dies almost instantly. Xx and xx want to restrain Dave for questioning, one pinning him to the floor and restraining him, while the other violently stabs him in the foot. They realise they need to rush Dave into Lockhaven to receive medical assistance. While he lay one the floor bleeding to death he tells the mice of his troubled childhood inside the walls of Lockhaven. Who can be trusted?




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